Getting to the Heart of the Problem

Solving problems is never as easy as it seems, especially when more than one person needs to be part of the solution. When several people are involved in an activity, each of them has a different perspective and each therefore has a different view to a relevant solution. It takes the use of a few key tools and techniques to get to an agreed solution and avoid the common cycle of mistakes we often get into. Most efforts to solve problems unilaterally, end up causing more problems than there were to begin with.
Martin Hedley discusses problem solving with British actress Angelique Joan.
Solving problems and making decisions about how to eliminate them accounts for a high percentage of our time, at home, in the community and at work. We have a natural bias, perhaps due to our need for routine, to solve every problem with ideas or approaches we have used that solved problems before. Most often this occurs when we have to make quick decisions or when we make decisions in stressful situations. This is where the cycle of failed problem solving starts.

There are structured methods for solving problems, but it does not feel right to address every problem with the same method. Some have to be solved emotionally, others rationally and yet more with a mix of the two. Martin talks the audience through some problem solving approaches and helps the audience recognise how they solve problems and learn how they could solve problems.
Procedures also degrade over time. No matter how well a procedure or process is performing, myriad changes from company strategy, organisation chart shifts, government regulation, new product or service introduction and more can stretch the original design and start causing problems. However it is not difficult to prevent this from happening, nor is it difficult to adjust once it has happened, if you apply the right tools and techniques.

The higher up the organisation, or the wider the context of the process in question, the harder a problem is to solve. A separate tool kit is available for strategic problems, but they have the same end result in finding common solutions that everyone can live with, understand and support.

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