In the seminar format, Martin will gather considerable information about the topic from the event planner, and will work with his team to design a one or one-and-a-half day session where the issues will be discussed. They will be addressed directly but also will be worked from a number of other perspectives, demonstrating to the audience how to look at an issue with true objectivity. The audience will not only get insight into the matters they are grappling with, but leave with practical tools and techniques and have a good head start improvement plan in place. Audience selection is critical for many seminars and usually each seminar will be limited to no more than 24 people. As a seasoned conference speaker Martin can deliver the seminars in many formats to suit the need. Keynote Speaker Martin Hedley shaking hands with Dr Baldev Raj
Martin Hedley and Dr. Baldev Raj shake hands after a seminar.
Seminars can be designed to follow on from, or build up to a keynote speaker address. The use of a combination of techniques maximises the learning and development resulting from the engagement. High impact and detailed seminars coupled with an inspiring keynote address deliver a powerful message and tools that the audience can use the very next day.

Unlike many other keynote speakers, Martin will encourage the audience to participate in seminars and have them present their findings from targeted breakout groups. This popular method allows the audience to feel they are contributing as much as receiving and remains a frequently requested aspect of our seminar presentations.
Keynote Speaker in audience.
Martin in the audience listening to breakout groups present ideas.