Keynote Address

For the keynote address, Martin gathers information to meet the event theme from event planners. Working with his team he designs talks that key into major issues the audience face every day. During the keynote, he engages the audience and plays with some ideas, imparting insight as key issues are brought to light. A keynote usually lasts 40 - 55 minutes. Presentation notes, tools and technique information are provided for dissemination to participants afterward the keynote speech, which often has up to 300 people in the audience. Martin making keynote address at aviation conference
Martin Hedley delivering a Keynote Speech.
A keynote address can round out, or introduce a more detailed seminar. The use of a combination of techniques maximises the learning and development resulting from the engagement. High impact and detailed seminars coupled with an inspiring keynote speech together, deliver a powerful message and leave tools the audience can use the very next day.

Unlike many other keynote speakers, Martin will stay and talk to audience members at length. Meeting and coaching his audience are hallmarks of Martin's presentations and are popular features, even for large groups.
Martin meeting with audience members.
Martin meeting the audience after the keynote.
The most important asepct in keynote speeches is tying all the conference topics together to maximise audience impact. The keynote is made memorable by captivating stories and anecdotes weaving it all together.  
Martin's keynote speeches are much more than simple messages designed to make the audience feel good. He knows audiences today need more from a keynote and delivers a blend of emotion, concept and practical ideas that can become real through sustained motivation. His life experiences are used to give perspective, not to tell people what they should do. His audiences leave with insights they can apply to their own situations, their own tasks and their own relationships.