Martin is available to provide coaching on topics related to the keynote speeches. Coaching may be provided for any individuals, from junior managers to technical experts and executives, or for teams and groups. These services may be delivered one-on-one, or one-on-group and the audience members may be put into one of the development forums that are run using internet, webinar, social media groups and information exchange formats.
We all need coaching at various stage of our careers, and when it relates to one of Martin's areas of expertise, he will deliver enormous value through coaching. It is possible to establish coaching groups entirely and exclusively for your organisation.

If individual audience members wish to have mentoring, this may be arranged. Mentoring services are designed for specific objectives and usually last between three to twelve months, depending on the level of the individual and what they are attemtping to achieve.
Determining the need for mentoring or coaching is very important. Here are some key aspects to consider when requesting Martin's services.

Coaching is task oriented and tends to be short term in nature. It is driven by performance ability of the task in question by the individual being coached. In effect, it is a form of training. Typcially there will be involvement of the immediate supervisor of the person being coached.

Mentoring on the other hand is relationship driven and tends to be for a longer term. It is driven by the need for personal development and growth, not performance of a task and therefore must be designed for each inidividual being mentored. It is essentially a one-on-one relationship with the mentor and nobody else in the organisation participates.