Authentic Peak Performer Forum

The Authentic Peak Performer Forum is our programme of international coaching and development. It consists of the faculty of mentors and coaches, the individual members currently in the programme, and the alumni.

Don't you think that Leadership Development has to be personal to be effective? We do. So much depends upon your passions, your skills and the opportunities you have to put them into effect. Organisational programmes aimed at leadership development can, at best, brief you on some of the research and insights of the past 35 years research. But can they help YOU achieve?

Your Place in the Authentic Peak Performer Forum

Your place in the Authentic Peak Performer Forum is to develop your own personal leadership that allows you to enjoy what you do, gives you the chance to demonstrate and hone your skills while doing something essential for others - your group, your company, your government, your community and even your family. Simply, you need to become indispensable to them. By becoming indispensable, you substantially reduce the risk of being downsized, passed over for promotion or project opportunity, or simply being ignored. In fact, you're likely to become one of the 'go to' people.

You do not have to be the top person, or be appointed to be a leader. Anyone who needs to lead rather than, or as well as manage will benefit from our Authentic Peak Performer Forum. We have members who are technical experts, senior government and corporate executives, community activists and dedicated healthcare professionals to name but a few. What they all have in common is a passion to make a difference to themselves, and to others.

Note:  Membership of the Authentic Peak Performer Forum is by application and is not open to everyone. We need a group of like-minded, determined and absolutely committed individuals who have to make a difference in their lives  and to those around them and who are dedicated to authenticity, to maintain the quality of the Forum itself.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching is where we teach you specific skills, models and tools. It is typically short lived and repeated until you get to master the topic. The person we choose to teach you will be an expert in that particular skill. Mentoring however involves building a relationship and discussing ideas, concerns, concepts with one specific person and often lasts for a year, or more. You will have one mentor, and it will be one of the senior members of the team, chosen to match your personality, specific goal or need.


Leadership and Peak Performance have been researched heavily over the past 35 years. Do we know more? Yes, undoubtedly. Do we act differently? Not always. You need to put the power of that research to work for you and that's what we help you do. We'll test your motivation to lead, we'll question your thoughts, knowledge and understanding. The best thing is that you probably have most of what it takes already, we just need to give you a roadmap, and stir your passions, to get from where you are, to where you need to be - and it's all based on solid research on the key shifts you have to undertake that have proven to make a difference.


So if your  place in the Authentic Peak Performer Forum is to develop your own personal leadership that allows you to enjoy what you do, gives you the chance to demonstrate and hone your skills while doing something essential for others, then it is the job of faculty  to get you there. This means working with you, matching your needs with our faculty members experience, explaining the insight to research, showing tools that have been developed and proven to help you get there and listening to you to understand if you are going in the right direction. We will challenge you, ask pointed questions, expect you to write down some of your thoughts that sounds easier than it is. We need to make sure you are, or become an authetic leader. But that's our job and it's what we are passionate about.


Our content includes: models, tools, talks, speeches, presentations, discussions, up-to-date research and more. You have access to the online content as soon as you are accepted into the Forum, and alumni never lose access to it.

The content is delivered in ways that make sense to your busy schedule. You have the option of everything from working entirely online, through group sessions, attending webinars and up to one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Select the personal coaching mode that works best for you.