Martin has delivered speeches, seminars and workshops in the following industries.
One of the greatest benefits of engaging a speaker who has crosed many industries is that the stories from one industry spur innovatine thinking in others. Martin's speeches cover topics that apply to many industries - people and organisational development, leadership, service and finding efficiencies. Participating with leaders like Martin is a great opportunity for delegates to hear how impacts on a given industry occured and how they might translate those ideas to their own industry. Martin presents ideas that are instrumental to helping navigate through critical development and growth issues in any industry.

During the preparation for the event, Martin will work with event planners to make sure the speech is tailored to achieve the desired results. A general presentation is rarely useful or approriate anymore. What could be common between the education and petrochemical industries? Talk to martin to find out.
Keynote speeches where the speaker comes in as a celebrity and is then rushed out after the event leave very short-lasting impressions. Far better for the speaker to remain and chat with the delegates afterwards. Some of the audience members may already have been spurred into action by words from the speaker, thinking of new possibilities that they would like to test. Martin is always happy to remain afterwards and help such delegates formulate ideas and solidify the gains made during the speech.
Aviation and Aerospace Martin Hedley is a speaker in the aviation and aerospace industry   Information Technology Martin Hedley is a keynote speaker to the IT industry
Banking and Financial Services Martin Hedley keynote speaker to banking industry   Leadership Development Martin Hedley Leadership Development Speaker
Charity and Community Martin Hedley speaker to charity and community events   Management Workshops Martin Hedley facilitator of management workshops
Education Martin Hedley speaker to teh education industry   Petrochemical Processing Martin Hedley keynote speaker to petrochemical industry
Executive Retreats Martin Hedley speaker and facilitator of executive retreats   Travel and Tourism Martin Hedley keynote speaker to travel and tourism industry
Healthcare Martin Hedley keynote speaker to the healthcare industry