Event Planners

Educate the Audience

As a leading peak performance coach, as well as keynote speaker, one of the most important functions of Martin's delivery is to leave the audience with more knowledge than they had before. It comes in the form of insight, new ideas, a suggestion, a story or an analogy that helps the audience remember when they leave. Deliveries can be designed to be in an educational seminar format if that is requested by the client.

Generate Ideas with Participants

Using the best learning methods including hear-recall methods, the audience can be expected to participate in all but pure keynote addresses. As a master coach and facilitator, Martin will engage your audience with questions and build upon the answers so the audience benefits as a whole. There will always be time for a question and answer session following the delivery. He is often hired as a leadership speaker to address the misunderstandings of leadership coaching and mentoring.
 Martin Hedley delivering an audience specific speech to an aviation group
Martin Hedley delivering an aviation industry presentation to delegates.
Pose Thought Provoking Questions

Sometimes, the best insights are reached by posing questions and a motivational speaker can do this with ease. In cases where clients have been very specific about the concerns of their audience members (usually at private presentations) the questions can be posed to encourage lateral thinking, test by analogy or oppositional framing. Sometimes the very best outcome is that the audience engages in vigorous discussion following the presentation.
 Martin sitting on an expert panel during a conference.
Performing as a member of an expert panel during a conference.
Deliver Tactical Ideas

You can expect to receive some tangible actions that can be started the very next day. One of Martin's trademarks is the delivery of practical solutions - so you won't just hear about setting up an innovative team framework, you'll hear how to do it and what the environment that nurtures it looks like. You may even hear about the leadership traits necessary to make it all happen.

Have Some Fun Along The Way

Well, organisational problem discussions are not always the most exciting! You can always hear stories of outrageous customer service, clever marketing tricks, amazing technology solutions - but infrastructure? However often these amazing stories only occur because somebody put in the right (or wrong) conditions to allow them to happen in the first place. By recounting organisational stories that many of you will recognise, Martin will bring fun to the presentation.
 Martin taking time out with memberso of teh audience
Martin taking time out with delegates from the conference.
Martin can also provide additional speakers from his private speaker bureau.