Speaker and Executive Coach

Martin Hedley standing near the Tyne bridgeMartin Hedley is a leading peak performance mentor and motivational speaker. He excites and intrigues audiences with his stories and anecdotes from his long career as a global business executive. All of his speeches, workshops and seminars specialise in the generation and implementation of fundamental change initiatives in an organisation. He has been fortunate enough to work for major global corporations and everything else down to small equity-backed startup and early growth stage companies. A key assertion of his is that the ideal conditions that allow a company to start in someone's garage, or that nurture innovation in a major organisation are fundamentally the same - one is just harder to see but no less powerful.

Isn't it sad when you pay hard earned money for a product or a service and things don't go well. How many times has that happened to you? Even big, powerful organisations with all their resources can't get it right. Yet it is not that hard. What about your organisation? Does it provide outstanding service? The answer is that many organisations do provide excellence with only the rarest failure. What you experience as a customer affects the way you think about a brand or small supplier - and it affects what you say to others. Martin has led many initiatives that resulted in significant positive changes in the customer experience at banks, airlines, product companies, healthcare and more.

Before becoming a keynote speaker, Martin held senior infrastructural and transformation roles in companies such as Citibank, JPMorganChase and American Airlines as well as leading startup companies as CEO. He has managed as many as 25 concurrent change initiatives with annual budgets up to £500 million. He is a published author of books and articles. Throughout his career he has made a point to develop as many of his team members as possible and has continuously coached managers and executives in leadership and peak performance. By profession, he is a Certified Quality Auditor and received the coveted "Order of the Golden Tongue" from the Buckley School of Public Speaking.

Martin has spoken to hundreds of groups and organisations and has delivered his messages in 23 countries. He provides free community organisation talks in many places. As a leadership speaker, he challenges many widely held, and doubtful, assumptions about leadership development in a world that desperately needs better leadership skills.

Martin resides in the United Kingdom and when not speaking or coaching, enjoys travelling, sponsoring businesses in the developing world, fine restaurants and a good game of cricket.