Keynote Speaker

When you need a keynote speaker that will impact the hearts and minds of your audience, hire Martin.

Martin is an author, interim transformation executive, mentor and keynote speaker. He is the founder of the Authentic Peak Performer Forum, a leadership development programme designed to develop emerging leaders in remote parts of the world who do not normally have access to such services.

As a keynote speaker, he will grab attention of your audience and suggest provocative thoughts and ideas with the intent to keep them thinking as much as giving them hope and a morale boost. The essential ideas will be communicated several times with a single phrase or sentence even though the overall topic is addressed from the widest view possible down to the detail.

Martin has led many transformational programmes in companies, often involving cross-border cultural issues and he is highly interested in people and ther concerns. The tools and techniques he employed will be presented to your audience so that they are highly relevant to the issues they are dealing with. Flexibility is an essential attribute of a keynote speaker so he will make sure the message fits well with what they need to hear. Audiences leave inspired and with tools and techniques they can try the very next day.

Martin appears by courtesy of Vision Achievement Limited.